Friendship Lamps

Decorative touch lamps

that connect you with those you love

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Sometimes it’s difficult to tell someone you love them.

A text, email or phone call are all nice, but often they’re just not enough. We all desire something more: a hug; a presence; something simple, mindful and “beyond words.”

So we created Friendship Lamps: decorative touch lights that connect you with those you love.

Friendship Lamps Keep You in Touch

Touch your Friendship Lamp and your loved one's lamp will light up, across the room or across the world. Whether your relationship is lighthearted or serious, new or well-worn, let them know you're thinking of them.

How do friendship lamps work?

First, Andrea connects the Friendship Lamp in her bedroom to her husband Dave's lamp. Dave is away, deployed in the military.

Thinking of Andrea, Dave taps his Friendship Lamp. Both lamps light Dave's color together!

Andrea sees her Friendship Lamp light. She knows Dave is thinking of her, and she responds. Both Friendship Lamps now light Andrea's color.

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