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Filimin Server Status

Sometimes bad things happen to good servers. We’ll keep you informed when there are any problems with our website or the Great Filimin Cloud in the Sky.

Current Status

All systems go! 

Upcoming Excitement

no news is good news

Previous Events of a Less Fortunate Nature

Sept 20, 9PM – 3AM CST: Service Provider Update
Our service provider performed a network upgrade. A few Filimins may have hiccuped here and there, then came back to join their friends again.

July 25, 9:30PM CST: Filimin meltdown
Most Filimins lost connection and cried out in alarm. This unfortunate and unexpected outage lasted 20 minutes.

April 9, 11AM CST: web server update
For about 10 minutes our web server was down for maintenance. While our website was down, most Filimins were unaffected.

April 8 5AM-5PM CST: Networking Issues
Our service provider was experiencing networking issues. A few Filimins here and there might have had trouble seeing their friends. We didn’t witness any problems directly.

April 6 7pm-ish CST: support email server misconfiguration
Oops. We goofed and misconfigured our support email server, and we didn’t notice until April 7 in the morning. If you tried to contact us via our contact page the evening of April 6 or morning of April 7 and didn’t hear back from us, we might not have gotten the message. 🙁

March 23 1:30PM CST: 10 minutes of sadness and an afternoon of meh.
2/3 of the Filimins in the world lost connectivity for about 10 minutes. Poor things. Then, while not quite as severe, there were some coughs and wheezes from the network throughout the afternoon, causing a Filimin here and there to lose connection for a minute or two. But then the sun come out around 4pm CST and all is well again.

March 12 11am-noon CST: a few reboots due to server updates.
Two of our servers will be updated. Some of your Filimins might be taken a bit by surprise and reboot themselves, showing you a celebratory rainbow.

March 6 2:30-6:45pm CST: Meh? An occasional color display?
Our service provider reported that they were having intermittent issues that could affect connectivity. We did not see anything unusual in our nest but if your Filimin gave a holler and rebooted itself once or twice showing its celebratory colors during this period, that could have been the cause.

March 5 9:30-10pm CST outage: Blue pulsing and reboots. Website down.
Maintenance from our service provider triggered a complete outage of all Filimins. For about 1/2 of you, your Filimins rebooted and recovered quickly. For the other 1/2…well…we had some pretty upset Filimins for about 1/2 hour. A bunch of you crowded to our website to see what was going on, and this crashed our website. To address all of this, we moved our website to a much stronger server. We are also in communication with our service provider to better understand what happened and how to prevent this sort of outage in the future.

February 26 1-2pm CST intermittent outage: Blue pulsing and reboots.
To apply a security update, one of our central servers was rebooted by our service provider. Our secondary backup system did not kick in correctly, causing a temporary outage for some people.

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