Setup and Troubleshooting

Setup with the bridge:

Setting up with the Filimin bridge? This video explains the process.

Click here for written instructions on setup with the bridge

Setup without the bridge:

If your Friendship Lamp did not come with a bridge or for one reason or another you would rather connect your lamp directly to your Wi-Fi with your router, we've got you covered.

Before trying to connect your Friendship Lamp without a bridge, please make sure your bridge (if you have one) is completely unplugged so your lamp doesn't get confused.

Then, if you have a Windows laptop (recommended), first try our printable Automatic Setup Instructions. Alternatively, we have Online Setup Instructions if you prefer not to use the automatic setup.

We also have instructions for Mac users and instructions for setup on mobile phones.


Need further help with your Friendship Lamp? Come check out all of our help and troubleshooting topics in our Knowledge Base