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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions we get from people who have not yet purchased Filimins.
If you have already purchased your Filimins and need help setting them up or configuring, please visit our technical support and troubleshooting section. 

Well, technically it’s possible to have as 103, 1003, or as many Filimins in a group as you wish. But we hope for your sake there aren’t that many people in your family. Think of all the birthdays to keep track of!
Filimins will hook up to any typical home Wi-Fi, whether it be open, or encrypted with WEP, WPA, WPA2. Never heard of these things? No worries. Just put in your Wi-Fi name and password and your Filimin will handle the rest. Filimins do not work with captive portals such as found at public Wi-Fi locations or with WPA Enterprise used in some academic and corporate environments.
After your Filimin is successfully connected to your WiFi, you can group them yourself using our manager. The procedure is simple: create an account and register your Filimins. After that you can create groups, invite your friends to your groups, and accept invitations. And you can always add more Filimins to your groups later.
Not a problem. Log into our manager to create or join a new group then drag your Filimin into that group.
You can add one or more Filimins to an existing set any time you wish. After you successfully connect the new Filimin to your WiFi, you will log into our manager to register the new Filimin, then drag it into your group.
Of course! If your problem isn’t addressed in our Technical Support section, just let us know and we’ll be glad to help.
By buying 2 single Filimins you save us and the planet the financial and ecological cost of a box which holds 2 Filimins. Said another way, the set is not really a set at all but just 2 single Filimins in a box. So yes feel free to buy 2 singles and they will work the same way.
To answer this question, we ran automated live tests on a dozen Filimin. Our results? If you were to touch your Filimin 18 times each day for a month, your Filimin would have used the equivalent of less than 20 seconds of high-definition streaming video on YouTube.
Currently a Filimin can only be in one group. To have two groups, one with your boyfriend and one with your mother, you would need two Filimins.

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